DINING WITH DINOSAURS – A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching

Kids both young and old can’t get enough of dinosaurs. This unique addition comes at the dinosaurstopic in a fun way by pinpointing what these creatures liked to eat. Colorful drawings on each page are perfectly balanced with the text.

You’ll not only get a look at well known predators like T. rex. but also ones you’ve probably never heard before. Names like Saurornitholestes, Citipati, and Deinonychus to name a few. If you can’t begin to pronounce any of those, there’s a handy pronunciation guide in the back (I’ll give you sawr-OR-nith-oh-LEST-eez as the first tongue buster).

This page turning book is divided into sections highlighting the various ‘vores’ like carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore. There’s also a few made up vores – trashivores and sunivores. In numerous side panels a real scientist is interviewed giving their professional opinion to what was on the menu.

A final surprise is a look at the modern day world of vores and how they make up the food web. Add in the handy glossary and index to close out the book and dinosaur loving humans will have a hard to put down full course meal. Thank goodness we have a writer/illustrator like Hannah Bonner who can deliver each course with stylish surprises.

Here’s the official word from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS:

Dining with Dinosaurs by Hannah Bonner (September 2016, ages 7-10) — “Five star fare” – starred review, Kirkus

Starving for dinosaur knowledge? In Dining with Dinosaurs, award-winning author Hannah Bonner serves up a full course meal of mouthwatering Mesozoic food facts.  Young readers will meet the “vores”: carnivores, piscivores, herbivores, insectivores, “trashivores,” “sunivores,” and “dinovores” and will most certainly be amazed, surprised and maybe even a bit grossed out when they learn what was on the prehistoric menu. In addition to Hannah’s whimsical drawings, the book also features “Ask a Scientist” vignettes, a glossary, a listing of correct pronunciations of the trickier words in the book and even a trip to the “GROSSERY” store.


Enjoy your weekend. Have fun, relax, and READ!

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5 Responses to DINING WITH DINOSAURS – A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching

  1. This would make the PERFECT gift for my nephew. Let the Christmas shopping begin! 🙂

  2. What a very entertaining book. A perfect book for kids and adults who like dinosaur books. Have a grandchild who would love it.

  3. cleemckenzie says:

    I’m always up for books that have anything to do with dinosaurs. I don’t think I ever progressed beyond the age of 7. Aren’t I lucky? Thanks for telling us about this one.

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