how-things-workHOW THINGS WORK is a new title sure to engage young future scientists, and those of us a bit older. Even non-science lovers opening this hardback edition will soon be convinced just how cool the science and secrets are behind some of our greatest inventions.

The five chapters each have anywhere from four to seven science fiction inventions that are now science fact. Like the opening line says: “IT”S DANGEROUS. IT MIGHT MAKE YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IMPOSSIBLE THINGS.”

The discussion of the individual inventions are organized in a unique way. For those of us who just want a quick answer about how something works, you’ll find it on the “Just the Facts” page. This may be enough for some, but for those wishing to go further, turn the page and find a “Tell Me More” section. A perfect way to grab the attention of beginning and advanced scientists of the future. Here are my favorites from every chapter, but you’ll have more to choose from once you get your own copy of the book:

CHAPTER 1 BEAM ME UP So you thought the Invisibility Cloak was something only Harry Potter could enjoy. Scientists will change your mind in Now You See Me…

CHAPTER 2 HOME IS WHERE THE FRIDGE IS Ever wonder how the microwave really works? I thought I knew the real answer until reading Snack Zapper.

CHAPTER 3 SCHOOL OF COOL I’ve always taken the thermos for granted. I never will again after enjoying the science of how it keeps our food and drink cold or hot in Double Duty.

CHAPTER 4 EXTREME FUN  Roller Coasters. It’s either love them or hate them for most people. You don’t have to ride these, but you will become an expert on how they are designed in On A Roll.

CHAPTER 5 HERE TO THERE I can smile now going up or down an escalator because I’m one of the few riding who know how it all works. Keeping Step told me the whole story.

Also included in each chapter is a chance to meet the innovators behind these inventions. Names like Edwin Link (aviator and inventor), and Helen Greiner (engineer, computer scientist, and roboticist) are two I thoroughly enjoyed.

Another fascinating addition to each chapter is the “Tales from the Lab” feature. Here you will discover how some of these inventions came to be, and learn a few were caused by an accidental discovery. Each chapter ends with a “Try This!” challenge where those really wanting to dig deeper can invent, create, and explore on their own.

Eye-popping pictures make the journey through HOW THINGS WORK even more fulfilling. A great gift for a teacher, student, or anyone else like me whose nickname was “The Fiddler” growing up. I was always fiddling with some wired wonder or taking things apart. This book reassures me I wasn’t alone in my pursuit.

About the book from National Geographic for Kids:

How Things Work by T.J. Resler (November 2016, ages 7-10, $19.99) – Discover the secrets and science behind bounce houses, hovercraft, robotics and everything in between in this book that provides both the quick answers AND complete explanations for all things high tech, low tech and no tech (how DOES glue work???). Detailed diagrams, revealing photos, hands-on activities and and fascinating facts all help to demystify many common items — like how a microwave works, how an eraser makes pencil marks disappear and how an iPad or tablet can do so much —  and also delves into the more futuristic — but very real — inventions like bionics, invisible cloaks and  tractor beams.  “Tales from the Lab” and profiles of talented engineers, inventors and scientists provide plenty of inspiration and extensive back matter encourages curious kids to find out even more by providing a listing of additional websites, videos and other resources.  How Things Work is perfect for the kid who thinks “just because” isn’t a REAL answer.

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Have a super weekend. Relax, have fun, and READ!

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2 Responses to HOW THINGS WORK

  1. I think this is a great bonding book for kids and parents who like facts. Love National Geographic Books.

  2. NatGeo jus keeps coming up with such great books for kids — even old kids like me. Thanks for telling me about this one. I will check it out.

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