Future scientists can rejoice at this new title from Nomad Press. The 90 pages are filled with 25 projexplorepredatorsandprey_coverects, which could be used by homeschoolers, students in lower grades as an independent study, or by a teacher with his or her entire 3rd or 4th grade class.

The format is easy to follow with each chapter having a different focus:

  • Chapter 1–Hide and Seek!
  • Chapter 2–Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter 3–Eat It Up!
  • Chapter 4–Staying Safe
  • Chapter 5– Other Animal Eaters
  • Chapter 6– Living Together

Before you even begin, there’s an introduction describing the scientific method and showing young learners how to make a predator and prey journal. It will be their go to spot for recording everything learned in each investigation.

Every chapter begins with a question to help guide their explorations. Here’s an example from Chapter 5: If mosquitoes disappeared, what effect could that have on other animals and the ecosystem?

Next you read the chapter and  follow through with the projects, easily identified by their green background. The steps are laid out with easy to understand directions.

Support for learning extends to online with QR codes, where the user can use a tablet of phone to view a website or video. No problem if you don’t have access that way as the web addresses are listed in the glossary along with definitions of the scientific words used throughout the book.

Colorful illustrations break up the text and the fun, motivating projects will be sure to entice many new learners to list science as their favorite subject.

Visit Nomad Press and Amazon to see more of this wonderful learning resource.


Have a Great Weekend! Relax, have fun , and READ!


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