Choosing a career has never been so much fun in this new title from National Geographic Kids. It’s compact size is perfect for summer travel and long hours of dreaming of what you want to do in life. Colorful and fun, here’s the official blurb:

Who says adults can’t have fun? This book explores 100 of the coolest, wackiest, and most amazing jobs and careers out there, from astronaut to zookeeper, ice cream taster to game maker.

Jam-packed with inspiration, hands-on projects, advice from National Geographic explorers, interviews with experts, weird-but-true facts, and more, this new book in the popular 100 Things series is a great way to get kids thinking creatively about career paths and excited about their futures!

This could be the coolest non-fiction book out there. You’ll find  Wild & Wacky careers like a Competitive Eater, a Professional Pusher (as in stuff one more person onto a subway or train in Japan), or a Snake Milker to name a few. Most of the book is reserved for the more serious careers like teaching, illustrator, and even a brain surgeon.

My face scrunched up at #35 Pet Food Taster, #75Snail Patrol, and #34 Perfumer, but hey, someone has to do the dirty work. I was also fascinated with the careers not available when I grew up. Ones like APP Developer, Sign Spinner, and Veterinary Acupuncturist come to mind.

Along the way you can read several Q & A’s with the men and women in a featured career. I enjoyed the interviews with Toy Designer John Warden, Roller Coaster Designer Korey T. Kiepert, Peace Corp Volunteer Leshia Hansen, and Conservation Biologist Krithi Karanth along with many more.

In my next life, I’ve decided I’ll be a Natural History Photographer, a Voice-Over Actor, and a Recipe Tester. If those don’t work out I can always fall back on #99—Novelist.

Thank you National Geographic Kids for making career choice exciting and engaging for kids of all ages.

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5 Responses to 100 THINGS TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP

  1. Well, sign me up for ice cream taster. That would be my dream job. This sounds like a really fun book for the kiddies. Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. Denise Pyra says:

    What a great title. I’ll be getting this for my son.

  3. What a cool summer read! Kids will enjoy this interactive book! Love the cover!

  4. Just added this to our library’s ridiculously long wishlist. Nat Geo is the best 🙂

  5. cleemckenzie says:

    I need this book! I’m all grown up and ready to try out the suggestions.

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