Something smells bad…but it’s not this new title from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS. Filled with colorful pictures, fascinating facts, and activities, the trash here will inspire all readers to look at garbage in a totally new way and more important—take action to make a difference in what we do with our trash.

Seven chapters explore a variety of issues (And a little teaser I found interesting):

  1. THE BIN AND BEYOND–Discover what eight categories makes up our trash and the ways we get rid of our rubbish. (Nearly two tons of trash in the U.S. ends up in landfills every year!)
  2. TRASHING THE EARTH–How does trash effect the entire planet and beyond? (A glove dropped during the first American spacewalk in 1965 is still orbiting the Earth.)
  3. ALL ABOUT RECYCLING–Ways to eliminate waste and the wild ways people around the world are recycling. (The leader in recycling rates in the U.S. is San Francisco at 80 percent)
  4. FOOD (WASTE) FOR THOUGHT–Learn about food waste and how some people are vowing to prevent it. (The average person throws away a half a pound of food a day.)
  5. DIRTY WORK–Learn from the people who make trash their living. (Garbage collectors are more likely to get injured on the job than police officers.)
  6. THE FUTURE OF GARBAGE–Take a look at seven innovative receptacles that are changing the way we get rid of our waste. (Adidas is working on a new sneaker made out of trash.)
  7. TAKE OUT THE TRASH–The little things all of us can do to make a difference in turning trash into a positive.(Don’t throw out the sour milk; instead use it to make pancakes—recipe included!)


THE OFFICIAL BLURB: Get up close and personal with the wonderful world of waste. From composting and recycling, to landfills and dumps, to how creative people are finding new ways to reuse rubbish. It’s fun to talk trash when it’s jam-packed with infographics, thematic spreads, wow-worthy photos, sidebars, serious stats, and fabulous facts. Also included are quizzes and activities to inspire kids to take action, be proactive, and rethink the things we throw away.


Author, Sarah Wassner Flynn, has taken a less than appealing topic and made it into a fascinating journey of discovery. Interviews with various trash experts and quizzes add to the interactive nature. The best part is kids can use the detailed five part plan and begin making a difference in their home and community.

Perfect for science classes and for summer reading. This is one book you won’t want to recycle.

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5 Responses to THIS BOOK STINKS!

  1. If you like the topic of trash, don’t miss Amy Saris King’s beautiful and whimsical MG novel, Me & Marvin Gardens about a recycling boy and the plastic-eating animal (pig? dog? hybrid?) he befriends.

  2. NatGeo strikes again with a book that will surely find lots of kid fans. Thanks for telling me about it. I will check it out.

  3. cleemckenzie says:

    This is one that is a must have. From the cover to the topic, it’s perfect for my readers.

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