When author Laurisa White Reyes asked me to review her newest book, MICKEY MALLOY WONDER BOY!, I jumped at the chance. I knew Laura as the moderator of Middle Grade Mania and also as the former editor in chief of Middle Shelf Magazine. Having just finished reading a string of deadly serious MG novels, my emotions needed a little break. Mickey Malloy was the perfect remedy

Yes, this is a short chapter book intended for up to age 10, but the story will still pull you in with its fun plot. And with  such a fantastic cover, who could resist a read?  There are five more full-page illustrations inside by the talented Matt Easterbrook. Each one puts a smile on your face.

The book would make a great read-aloud in the classroom or at home. It’s also one of those stories that will have kids asking to read it themselves. One other sidelight: I began reading this while waiting for a haircut at my local shop.  Every time I looked up someone was staring at me with a broad smile. I smiled back and turned the page.


THE PLOT (From Amazon): 

Mickey Malloy is just your average kid who loves comic books and superheroes. When a mysterious package arrives with his name on it, he finds a strange contraption inside. Urged on by his friend, Juanita, Mickey pushes the thing’s button and gets ZZZZZZAPPED! Suddenly, he isn’t a normal kid anymore, he’s Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy! The human magnet! But what seems like an awesome superpower gets Mickey into more trouble than he could possibly imagine.


  1. A human magnet can only bring the worst results and they’re all hilariously depicted. Watch out for that box of paper clips.
  2. There’s a hint of a sequel in the final scene and all I can say is bring it on!
  3. Juanita has a subtle charm all her own. It takes Mickey most of his lifetime and this adventure to truly see it.
  4. Mickey narrates the story and is pleasant voice to spend some time with. He’s both funny and perceptive.
  5. The classroom scene. You’ll have to read it yourself. No spoilers here.


“Who wants to go to some girl’s party anyway?” I said, though if I had gotten an invitation, I would have gone. Linda Parker is the most popular girl in school. She’s smart. She’s pretty. And she smells good.


I wrote Mickey Malloy about a decade ago when my oldest son (who is now 20) was a kid. My children have always gotten a kick out of the story, begging me to read it to them again and again. This year, when my youngest son turned ten, I realized that soon he’d be too old to enjoy Mickey’s story. So I decided this would be the year I’d finally get it published. I’m happy to say that Jarett got the first copy for Christmas. (Visit Laura’s Web Site for more)


Make a comment if you have time. I enjoy reading all of them. Click on the comments link below.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun story. A human magnet could definitely get into trouble. Congrats to Laurisa!

  2. What an entertaining story! I know some 999999-10 year olds who would love this book/series. Yes, sometimes we need a break from the realistic books we review, and this sounds perfect.

  3. This does sound like a lot of fun, and I could use some funny stuff now and then. Thanks for the review.

  4. Andrea Mack says:

    This sounds so funny!

  5. Get zapped and become something special. I love this idea and I know young readers will, too.

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