Here are a few news and special feature articles I’ve enjoyed the past week (If you missed any of the previous posts click here to see them all):

1. Kudos to the city of Denver for hosting the seventh annual YOUTH ONE BOOK, ONE DENVER. They choose one book, purchase thousands of copies, and give them out free to youth 9-12 years old. During the summer there are many activities associated with the book to bring readers together. This year’s choice is one I read and enjoyed for the CYBIL’s.

2. Book clubs can be a fun way to socialize and talk about a novel. The adult groups in my neighborhood usually pick an adult title with the occasional YA thrown in. This post makes a good case why Middle Grade books should be a part of an adult’s reading list. It also includes a link to a fantastic selection of 100 books to get you started.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of BONE’S GIFT.

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4 Responses to MIDDLE GRADE…IN THE NEWS 4/12/18

  1. feeroberts64 says:

    I’m 54 and I love middle grade reads, especially fantasy. I agree that middle grade should be included in adult reading groups. There is such a stigma surrounding adults reading middle grade books. It’s a shame. I have seen adults ridicule other adults who enjoy middle grade reading; more or less, bullying the reader. As for myself, I will never quit reading MG books. They take me back to the days when I was young and my imagination soared.

  2. I agree! We didn’t have the variety of books youth have today. And, I enjoy seeing how young readers are able to connect to history through fiction that makes past/current events real to them. The variety of subject, topics is so exciting. And, I know I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t learn in school. And, its just plain fun escaping into a great story.

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