Here are a few news and special feature articles I’ve enjoyed the past week (If you missed any of the previous posts click here to see them all):

1. An article in Publisher’s Weekly, Navigating Middle Grade Books, is an excellent look at all aspects of Middle Grade publishing today. Included are agent and editor comments along with a discussion over the MG label confusion. On the whole, it’s quite in depth and took me two sittings to get through it all, but the time was well spent.

2. I’m sure you’ve heard of the New York Times Best Seller List. Did you also know there’s a separate NY Times list for Middle Grade? Check out the hot sellers the past month in this list of favorites. I found a few surprises.

3. As Middle Grade books confront more topics never covered for this age level, the issue of banning certain books is popping up frequently. Here’s one brewing about GEORGE which features a transgender character.

I’ll be back on Friday with a review of OUR NATION’S DOCUMENTS.

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1 Response to MIDDLE GRADE… IN THE NEWS 5/3/18

  1. Great collection of current MG articles!

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