MIDDLE GRADE in the NEWS 5/31/18

Here are several news and special feature articles I’ve enjoyed the past week (If you missed any of the previous posts click here to see them all):

1. I was saddened by the recent loss of author Richard Peck. This article from the past week delves much deeper than the typical obituary into his life and love of writing.

2. Ali Standish opens up a can of worms with her column Are Middle Grade Authors Getting it Wrong? I tend to agree with what she uncovered.

3. Road trip! But if you have six hours to go with a bored middle school kid in the back seat it might seem more like eternity. Why not turn on an audio book? Here are some recommendations in Audiobooks For Summer Trips With Kids.

I’ll be back on Friday with a review of EVANGELINE OF THE BAYOU.

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2 Responses to MIDDLE GRADE in the NEWS 5/31/18

  1. Wow. That post by Ali Standish is TERRIFIC! Thanks so much for that. I might also check out the audio books. I am taking my grandkids for a very quick trip to a family reunion in Colorado Springs. That is a loooong drive.

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