MIDDLE GRADE in the NEWS 6/21/18

Here are a few news and special feature articles I’ve enjoyed the past week (If you missed any of the previous posts click here to see them all):

  1. This touching tribute to a librarian demonstrates how important they still are for kids and adults.
  2. Celebrities are increasingly becoming authors of books for children. Read all about it here. I have the feeling none of them had to go through the query trenches to get published 🙂

I’ll be back on Friday with a review of RANDAL THE ELEPHANT

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3 Responses to MIDDLE GRADE in the NEWS 6/21/18

  1. lisasimons12 says:

    Just read the link about the celebrity books. It’s extremely frustrating for those of us who work so hard to write and publish books only to be rejected over and over and over, and then to be overshadowed by celebrities who simply have the name but maybe mediocre books. (Sure, plenty of writers have mediocre books, and some celebrities have terrific books.) I mean, are these celebrities REALLY writing the books?? I understand publishers have to make a living, too, but it’s just insanely frustrating…Thanks for posting.

    • Yes, it is all about how much money they can make. Celebrity names are noticed by the adults buying the books—not the kids reading them. It is frustrating, but all we can do is keep at it and break through some day. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It might be easier to become a celebrity, then write a book than it is to write a book and then try to sell it to an agent. I’d never considered that route, but I might in the future.

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