Get your costume ready and the candy bowl filled, then sit back and read these two thought provoking and at times scary non-fiction books. 61rtAMuYwpL._SX388_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgFirst up is HISTORIES MYSTERIES FREAKY PHENOMENA.

Seven chapters cover mysterious events and discoveries in our world—ones still being debated today:

  1. Creepy Creatures
  2. Vanishing Acts
  3. Unexplained Occurrences
  4. Strange Sights
  5. Unusual Objects
  6. Curious Curses
  7. Unnatural Nature

Within each chapter several mysteries are explored. A background is given first, followed by details, clues and theories. You are left with making your own decision with the evidence presented. My favorite mind-blowing pieces included the beastly Chupacabra, the lost city of Turquoise Mountain, Tarim Mummies, and Predator X.

A final chapter addition is called NEW EVIDENCE REVEALED and describes recent science and archaeological findings that either agree or overturn past thoughts on a particular phenomenon. I do need to visit Blood Falls some day!

Filled with pictures and illustrations, these would make great independent study topics for the classroom and fun dinner table discussions. It says National Geographic KIDS on the cover, but these mysteries are just as much fun to ponder for us bigger kids.

History’s Mysteries Freaky Phenomena: Curious Clues, Cold Cases and Puzzles from the Past (ages 9-12) by KItson Jazynka – Fans of Night at the Museum and the Indiana Jones saga will be fascinated by these real-life mysteries: Is there any truth to the legend of Bigfoot? Why have planes and ships suddenly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? Is there really a lost city of gold in the jungle of Central America? The second book in this critically praised new series covers even more of history’s most fascinating head-scratching conundrums, including the curse of the Hope Diamond, King Tut’s tomb, black holes, the puzzling disappearance of ancient civilizations, cryptic creatures of myth and legend, long-lost treasure, and so much more. Kids can dig into these spooky mysteries, uncover clues, and ponder leading scientific theories to help decipher what really happened. 

The second title is one you will want to read with the lights on!51H3JzCBI+L._SX418_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

The pictures are unbelievable and what these real creatures can do will make any spook coming to your door on Halloween seem tame. I’m glad someone wasn’t filming my face while reading. It was twisting and turning in every direction. One look at the chapter headings will give you a clue at what lies ahead:


The facts on what these creatures do to survive will gross you out at times but will also fill you with awe at the amazing world we rarely see. A welcome addition in each chapter are two page spreads on a MAD SCIENTIST (no zombies here) who study these animals. A handy glossary and reference section give readers the support they need for delving into the topic even further.

ANIMAL ZOMBIES! is perfect choice for those future scientists and the rest of us curious enough to take a look.

You’ll be glad you did. And that goes for the squeamish ones, too.

Animal Zombies! (ages 8-12) – Who says monsters aren’t real? Author Chana Stiefel introduces readers to the real-life monsters of the animal kingdom as she explores the gory, gross, and ghastly behaviors these blood-sucking beasts and creepy creatures have honed in order to survive. Featuring some real-life wonders of nature like zombifying parasites, bloodsucking vampires, slithering creeps from the deep and animal aliens, this books has more than 50 howlers, prowlers and foul flesh-eaters with unusual talents. Featuring eye-popping photography, spine-tingling scientific info, the most up-to-date research, and fun facts for extra knowledge, readers also meet the “Mad Scientist” experts who study these creatures.

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  1. I love the National Geographic books for children! These two sound very appealing to kids of all ages. Thanks for sharing, Greg.

  2. Oh, how I wish I could get on NatGeo’s mailing list. They have such great books. I will definitely be looking for these two. Thanks for telling me about them.

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