Attention! All budding engineers should get a copy of this book. It will confirm you are on the right career path. It might even entice those who had never even thought about a career in engineering to give it a go.ngogeokbstw_3b34631b-3659-4472-bc4f-6bfa1af793c8_1024x1024.jpg

Divided in to three sections, the first 35 pages are about the field of engineering. There are many different kinds of engineers but they all have the same purpose: to solve problems. You get a chance to practice with a build it project in the field of Mechanical, Acoustical, or Structural Engineering. You then learn about the eight steps used by engineers when tackling tough problems.

Sections two takes up the center of the book and is filled with 14 fun, wacky projects to test your engineering genius using the eight-step process. You are given 24 hours to complete each one. Afterwards you turn the page and discover how real engineers and explorers solved the same problem. My favorites were Sweet Security where the objective is to protect your candy stash; and Special Delivery (Transporting an object between two windows).

The final section looks back at past engineering successes and failure, along with what we will be working in the future. A handy Find Out More reference page and a bold, colorful glossary round out the fun learning.

SOLVE THIS! will appeal to both girls and boys and the only problem you’ll have is getting the book out of their hands.

All About the Author

Although making books since the age of nine, Joan Marie Galat wasn’t published until 12 years old, when she became a weekly newspaper columnist. Today she is the award-winning author of more than a dozen books, with new titles scheduled for release in 2018. She is the author of Day Trips From Edmonton and Give Yourself a Pep Talk, as well as the Dot to Dot in the Sky series. Her kid’s titles explore astronomy, mythology, light pollution, history, and nature. Joan’s books have taken her to many places, including Seoul, South Korea where she spoke at a United Nations event in 2016.
Joan operates MoonDot Media, a communications business offering writing, editing, and training solutions in broadcast, print, and multi-media. A keynote speaker and frequent presenter, Joan loves to share her passion for nonfiction, fiction, and storytelling.

(For more visit Joan’s web site)

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2 Responses to SOLVE THIS!

  1. Janet Smart says:

    That is something my now 35 year old son would have loved when he was a kid. He is now a civil engineer and is always making and inventing things.

  2. Oh, this one looks good. Fun projects are always winners with kids. Thanks for the reivew.

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