81yV14jvuFL.jpgThe title gets one thinking, but the statement on the back cover is what made me happy to be spending time inside the pages of this book:

What if to make the world you want… you must first imagine what it could be?

I had previously reviewed Heather Camlot’s Historical Fiction MG, CLUTCH. I enjoyed her story telling immensely and looked forward to what she would do with non-fiction. Despite the length of only 40 pages, this is solidly in the realm of middle grade.

A question like the one on the cover introduces the concept followed by a page of text describing someone who in real life did something similar. For this first question it is Desmond Doss who was a medic in World War II and chose to carry a Bible instead of a gun to the front lines. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in saving others.

The stories are inspiring and each new question urges you to read on. Over two dozen are covered and whimsical pictures surround the text.  Some of my favorites include:

  • What if the rules of war were the same as the rules at school?
  • What if innocent civilians would be airlifted by music?
  • What if rocket launchers fired Ping-Pong balls instead of ballistic missiles?
  • What if we just asked more questions?

The book would be great as a read-aloud and discussion starter. My hope is it will inspire our newest generation to find different ways of settling conflict.

Be sure to visit Heather’s author web site.


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  1. I LOVE this timely book! It is a perfect discussion book about re-imagining our world and how we do things — kids will really get this! Reminds me of Marianne Williamson’s words. Will be looking for this in the library!

  2. Thank you once again, Greg! I’m so glad you enjoyed the new book!

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