This illustrated guide explores humans and robots in a variety of ways. We’re both alike and different and we often work together to make life easier and solve problems. Four chapters organize the comparison:


Each chapter gives readers an depth look at body basics . No worries if you’ve never heard of a hippocampus, dendrites, or an olfactory bulb. The vocabulary is given more meaning through illustrations—an excellent method to retain new learning. You may be surprised how robots are becoming smarter doing a wide variety of tasks.

Twelve challenges labeled THINK ABOUT THIS… ask a variety of questions to test your knowledge. Here’s a sample: What do you think would happen if robots became as smart, or smarter, than humans? And when do you think that will happen? Great inroads to a lively classroom discussion. The author’s answers are provided in the back pages.

Another feature called TRY THIS lets you experiment with some of the principles discussed. Fun and informative.

It’s a fact robots have made life easier for humans. They excel at repetitive tasks and assisting in the medical field, but they don’t do everything better. Our next generation of scientists will be a step ahead by reading this informative guide. BOTS AND BODS is the perfect choice for classrooms and at home. Recommended for ages 8-12.


John Andrews is a bod, not a bot. He has edited and written dozens of adult and children’s books on history, sports, music, science, and a host of other subjects. His recent published work includes Timeline of World History and The Beautiful Game: The Infographic Book of Soccer.

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  1. Robots have made life easier, and I often wonder about what happens when they become smarter than use — thinking a lot about AI and how it is applied. Excellent choice and discussion book. Thanks for sharing!

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