Book three in this fun series is out now, and I have a GIVEAWAY Package of all three hardback editions! All you need to do is make a comment below or email your entry name to gpcolo(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll do the official drawing at noon on June 20th.

Each story stands well on its own so no worries if you start with the most recent. My review is centered on Party Problems but here’s a quick synopsis of the first two:


All the great leaders had to start somewhere. And Theresa (“Resa” for short) is starting with the lemonade stand competition her teacher assigned to the class—but making it a success is going to be a lot harder than Resa thinks.

The prize: line-skipping tickets to Adventure Central. The competition: Val, Resa’s middle school nemesis. And the biggest obstacle to success: Resa’s own teammates. Harriet is the class clown, Amelia is the new girl who thinks she knows best, and Didi is Resa’s steadfast friend—who doesn’t know the first thing about making or selling lemonade. The four of them quickly realize that the recipe for success is tough to perfect—but listening to each other is the first step. And making new friends might be the most important one…


Harriet’s brothers are hoping to enter a local battle of the bands. Winning could get them on a reality TV show! But low funds have left them without even a working guitar.

The Startup Squad jumps into action—and quickly pulls together a plan to sell T-shirts to raise money. They have a lot of great ideas—until everything starts to go wrong. Ruined t-shirts, musicians with stage fright, and money mishaps soon leave the girls with less funding than they started with.

When disappointed fans become an angry mob, the team realizes they have to get back into the groove before the band members—and the Startup Squad—break up for good!

PARTY PROBLEMS centers around Didi as she agrees to make place cards for the wedding of one of her mother’s friends. But when the original wedding planner gets sick, Didi takes on full responsibility and the reception quickly turns into a disaster. The original venue cancels and there’s no band or caterer either. Didi will have to mend a friendship and get the startup squad to work together to pull this off.

Girl power and resourcefulness are the theme. These girls have a knack for problem solving and make great role models for future female business leaders. The fast pace and a few laughs in the 23 chapters will keep you engaged right to the end.


  1. The back pages have tricks and techniques for starting your own business. Inspiring and spot on advice.
  2. Each of the books feature a Q & A with a real life girl CEO. In the third book it’s Simone Bridges, CEO of Goddess Food Factory.
  3. This group of middle school girls are diverse although we don’t get too much into the culture of each individual girl. The focus is on problem solving and working together.
  4. Girls who never thought about being a business leader may look back and find this series was the catalyst for a successful future career.
  5. Positive messages throughout, especially the idea you sometimes have to delegate to make things happen. One person can’t do it all.

About Brian Weisfeld:

Brian Weisfeld has helped build a number of well-known billion-dollar companies including IMAX Corporation and He is the Founder and Chief Squad Officer of The Startup Squad, an initiative dedicated to helping girls reach their potential and follow their dreams, whatever their passions. Brian lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and two daughters.

About Nicole C. Kear:

Nicole C. Kear lives in New York City with her husband, three firecracker kids and a ridiculously fluffy hamster. She’s the author of The Fix-It Friends chapter book series, as well as middle grade standalone Foreverland .


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  1. I remember you reviewing another book in this series. It sounds like a fun one that would be great for business-oriented girls. I’ll pass on the giveaway as I’m really behind in my reading right now.

  2. Diane B says:

    Great sounding series. Count me in for the giveaway.

  3. What a perfect book to read with friends and discuss. Was surprised that the author was male. But he certainly has a great ideas to help girls become interested in business. I’ll pass as my TBR list is long.

  4. Completely Full Bookshelf says:

    This sounds like a great series! I can imagine it will be very valuable to girls (and other kids) interested in business, and it also just sounds like a fun read as well! I’ll have to pass on the giveaway because I have way too many books waiting to be read as is, but thanks so much for the great reviews!

  5. danielle hammelef says:

    I’ve been wanting to read these books and review them since I first heard about the series. I love that the author provides real-life tips at the end. Thanks for hosting these and a chance to win copies.

  6. Debbie D says:

    The series sounds perfect for my tween girls. Business sense is so important in today’s world. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  7. Jenni says:

    I like how the girls all work together to solve problems. Each of these sound really fun and relatable for tweens! I also like how they have business advice and an interview with a CEO. What a great way to inspire kids to start their own businesses!

  8. These books sound like just what a lot of middle-grade girls need. Thanks for the reviews. I will pass on the giveaway. I am just buried in books.

  9. Andrea Mack says:

    Wow! This sounds like a great series! I love that it’s written by a husband-wife team who both bring their expertise. And the characters seem like great inspiration and role models for kids! Thanks for featuring these, Greg!

  10. Sounds like a fun series!

  11. Anne says:

    Love this book and series. Perfect for my granddaughters to enjoy. Thanks for your great cretivity and talent.

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