Luna has always wanted to be a therapy dog at Therapy Dogs Worldwide. Now she’s a whisker away from reaching her fifty-visit pin that will make it official. But when her “clients”—the children who visit her—are put into a therapy group, Luna’s routine is upended.

Like the moon, Luna shows different faces at different times. And her clients each have different needs—Beatrice is tangled in knots of anger, Caleb rushes like a waterfall, Amelia carries fear heavy like a shadow, and Hector is quiet as a rock. To comfort the kids, Luna can be what they need her to be, but can she be everything to them all at once?

When Hector doesn’t show up to a session one day, the kids set off on an unexpected quest to find him. Luna joins to keep them safe, and they must work together to almost learn the truth. (From Harper Collins)



Books narrated by dogs aren’t ones I usually gravitate toward. I love to have dogs in stories but prefer them as faithful companions to human narrators. Luna though stole my heart and proved it is possible to have an endearing first dog (person) viewpoint leading the way.

Luna is dedicated in her position as a therapy dog. She is bonded to her keeper/counselor and will do anything to help with the clients—four children dealing with a a lot of emotional upheaval in their lives. Although she doesn’t want to run off with these kids, it’s her duty to be at their side and comfort them through the dangers that lie ahead.

Bullies, wild animals, and water are a sampling of the problems encountered. Each child gains much needed growth in their journey and Luna understands herself and humans better. We truly are all still becoming what we’re meant to be.

Perfect for the middle grade audience whether you’re a dog lover or not.


  1. Luna’s wisdom on everyday life and the habits of humans won me over. Truly a protagonist you cheer for.
  2. Readers will gain a full understanding of what a therapy dog’s work entails—Empathy and loyalty to the clients through expert training the dog receives.
  3. The children have realistic problems and group counseling is their lifeline. From divorce to the victim of a fire, it’s Luna who will help them along with what they learn from each other.
  4. There’s even a cat, an uninvited guest of the group. Conversations with Luna provided a look at the amusing differences between felines and canines.
  5. The cover is a real magnet in deciding whether to read or not. This alone will win over many hesitant readers and they will be rewarded with a charming story.

ABOUT Kristin O’Donnell Tubb (From her author website)

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  1. I’m not that much of a fan of stories that feature dogs as main characters either. But since you liked this one so much, I’ll have to reconsider.

  2. Completely Full Bookshelf says:

    This sounds like such a great story! Luna sounds like an endearing and compelling narrator for the story, and the kids she helps sound like a great bunch. The story idea is very creative! Thanks so much for the great review!

  3. Luna sounds like an exceptional therapy dog and I know kids will enjoy this book a lot — parents too. Very creative idea to share the work of therapy dogs from the POV of the dog. Lots of insight. They really are good at what they do. I know individuals who’ve had them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. danielle hammelef says:

    I was skeptical too about an animal as a narrator, especially when I tried to read A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron and just not for me. But then I read I, Cosmo and then Leonard (My Life as a Cat) and wow! I loved both of these by Carlie Sorosiak.

  5. Sue Heavenrich says:

    I love Dog Stories! This one looks marvelous.

  6. That cover would stop me in my tracks and make me pick up the book. Luna is adorable. I don’t usually like animal narrators, but I think a therapy dog is a great idea as narrator. I’m putting this one on my list. Thanks for the post.

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