The fourth books in this fun, imaginative series is perfect for grades 4-6. It has elements of the original CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE books where you don’t read the pages in order. I carefully followed each clue and eventually solved the case. Here’s the official background from Andrew McMeel Publishing:

What started as a typical family vacation takes a turn for the worse when you and your grandfather, a security guard at the local museum, find yourselves at the center of a serious scandal. It turns out that one of the museum’s masterpieces was stolen on the same night you and your grandfather were taking an after-hours tour—since you were the only two people there, you’re the prime suspects! To prove your innocence, you must now find the stolen masterpiece by observing, analyzing, and investigating like a real detective! Are you ready for an adventure?

The museum was a perfect choice as the setting with different rooms to explore. You’ll find a handy Detective Handbook in the last part of the book where taking notes is the key to success. As you progress a smart cat named Professor Whiskers throws in hints to help with your journey.

Illustrations also have clues and are colorfully spread out through the 96 pages. Great for reluctant readers or anyone else looking for a fun reading experience. It would also work well on trips or when Mother Nature decides it’s best to stay inside on a Saturday. You can read the series in any order:

ESCAPE BOOK— The Museum Heist

ESCAPE BOOK—Madame Mortell’s Haunted House

ESCAPE BOOK—Mystery Island

ESCAPE BOOK—The Cursed Temple


Stéphane Anquetil is an old-school geek. He started playing video games when he was twelve on something called a Videopac G7200. The Choose Your Own Adventure books were an important part of his adolescence, as were text-based adventure games—the real ones, like where you had to write, “Talk cat,” to talk to a cat. After rediscovering a love of board games and writing, today he’s become an author of clever tales equally inspired by historical archives, secret codes, and strange mysteries.


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