After reading this three volume set from Nomad Press I understand how the scarecrow felt after getting his brain. I’m a lot smarter and it was fun getting there!

Great for ages 12 and up even if science is not a favorite subject. The hands-on activities alone will cause even the most reluctant to enjoy the world of science.

Each volume begins with a timeline of events leading right to the present. QR codes can be found throughout with links to articles and some very cool videos to excite the learning bug in every reader. Just frame the square image on your phone’s camera and off you go for the extra treat. All the books include a glossary, resources (including the QR code’s web address), and a handy index to find a topic.

THE SCIENCE OF FASHION is where you discover how how science, technology, and engineering make the entire fashion industry possible! Hands-on activities will have you creating a loom or natural dyes. You can also use the scientific procedure to learn more about the integration of science and fashion in the process of making things we wear and use every day.

THE CHEMISTRY OF FOOD is a natural for this series. Beginning with the Periodic Table of Elements in a colorful two-page spread, five chapters will have you looking at food in a whole different way. Chemicals in our food and the reaction when cooking, along with what makes food healthy make up the first part of the book. It continues on with a look at flavor and texture. Using salt and ice to make ice cream or observe the caramelization of sugar were two of my favorite activities.

THE PHYSICS OF FUN This branch of science has never seen such a creative and motivating presentation s as the one in this final book. Chapters center around Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Trampolines, Sound and forming a band, and why video games need physics to work.It’s an action packed display and will certainly have you prepared for that first Physics class in High School.

Teachers can download a free Classroom Guide for each book in the set. Middle school was never this fun!


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  1. carolbaldwin says:

    I probably would have liked science a WHOLE lot better if I read these books as a kid!

  2. danielle hammelef says:

    I enjoy when QR codes are inside nonfiction books to take me on a further learning journey. Thanks for letting us know about these fabulous nonfiction titles.

  3. An interesting and fun way to learn about science. I may have enjoyed science more as a tween if I had books like this. Great resources for classrooms.

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