This imaginative series arrives in North America after getting it’s start in Great Britain. Beginning with SAVES THE WORLD, we meet Marie whose last name really isn’t Curious. It’s a nickname. Her mother came up with the name after watching Marie take apart anything as a little girl.

But now Marie is older and has the opportunity of a lifetime. She is invited to take a trip to California and attend a high level tech camp at VanceCorp for the summer, led by Sterling Vance. He’s the rich tech giant and the world depends on his products. At the camp Marie joins other intelligent kids to build robots, do super cool science experiments, and test out gadgets the campers get to create.

It’s not long before Marie and her new friends discover someone is trying to sabotage their robots and it looks like Sterling Vance is more evil than anyone expected. They band together to do something about whoever it is undermining their efforts and expose Mr. Vance’s true purpose at VanceCorp.

The third person narration moves swiftly through nineteen chapters and an epilogue. You’ll probably wish you could attend the camp with all the fun experimenting going on. There are some twists and turns along the way, but by the climatic ending scenes all is revealed as to who really is good or bad. You’ll have to read this yourself to find out if Marie truly does save the world.

A great start for this series and best for ages 8 and up. No need to wait for the rest of the series as all three books are available now. Click on either Book 2 or 3 below to learn more.


Chris Edison is the pen name of a writer who has written a variety of children’s book series. When not writing exciting adventure stories, Chris loves watching films and playing computer games. Chris lives in Lewes, Sussex.


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  1. carolbaldwin says:

    Fun name, idea, and series! Thanks for highlighting this.

  2. This is an intriguing series. I am curious about what’s behind the Mr Vance and his corporation. Made me think of THE CIRCLE, movie. Is he stealing kid’s ideas? Thanks for sharing!

  3. rere says:

    Thanks for sharing

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