It’s never too late, especially if you understand how your brain works. This colorful guide features 8 chapters, each covering a fascinating aspect of our brain

  1. MEET YOUR BRAIN A good place to start as you learn about Right and Left brain capabilities, Nerves and Neurons. and a quick look at what is a genius.
  2. COME TO YOUR SENSES How does your brain work with your sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch?
  3. HOW MEMORY WORKS? Not only that but how to improve your memory and pay attention better.
  4. PROBLEM SOLVING Just how do we learn new things? Types of intelligence are covered, along with logical and illogical thinking.
  5. A WAY WITH WORDS The link between reading and writing and how we learn language.
  6. THE CREATIVE MIND Are you a creative person? Either way, you find out how to boost your creativity with various challenges.
  7. YOUR BRAIN AND YOU Take a personality test to find out which of the five types you fall into.
  8. THE EVOLVING BRAIN How the brain grows, a look at brain surgery and animal intelligence.

You won’t find a droll retelling of material here. Instead you get bright images and interactive activities that are fun to try out. Each reveals a little more about what’s inside your head. Have a pencil handy as many of tasks have you writing answers in the guide.

HOW TO BE A GENIUS is a for a middle grade audience (Ages 9-12), but even us adults will experience new learning with this 192 page source. Perfect for car trips and finishing the book will leave you with a fresh perspective on the brain. Highly recommended.


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6 Responses to HOW TO BE A GENIUS

  1. Danielle Hammelef says:

    If only nonfiction books were like this one when I was growing up. This book sounds amazing and I’m going to see if my library has a copy or place a purchase request.

  2. There certainly have been a lot of brain books published this past year. I reviewed two! This sounds like another great one with a little different perspective. Great choice!

  3. I should grab this one and read up on how to improve my memory! It sounds like a great book. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. carolbaldwin says:

    Amen to Rosi!! Looks brilliant!

  5. carolbaldwin says:

    AMen to Rosi’s comment! Great idea for car trips!

  6. The brain is fascinating and this sounds like a great read! Love that there are bright pictures and activities to try. 🙂

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