ZEUS THE MIGHTY — The Epic Escape From the Underworld

Ancient Greece comes to life once again with the release of this fun series’s fourth book. Each one can be read on its own in any order. The informative two beginning pages have details about the seven main animal characters. Read this first as any question you might have about what these Greek mythology named animals are trying to accomplish are answered.

When the group leaves the Mount Olympus Pet Center in Athens, Georgia, they use their portal to arrive at the underworld. There they encounter dangerous creatures and the Greek god Hades who is not all all happy to see the intruders.

The action moves swiftly through 40 chapters and include black and white illustrations throughout. This adventure ends on a cliff hanger and you get a sneak peak at the first pages of Book 5.

Additional back material include THE TRUTH BEHIND THE FICTION; MEET THE OLYMPIANS; and THE MYTH OF HADES AND THE UNDERWORLD. Each provide a non-fiction view into the world of Greek Myths.

Funny and informative, this series continues to inspire middle grade readers to learn about Greek Mythology. Check out the Zeus the Mighty website for videos, printables, games, fun Greek facts and episodes of the award winning podcast “Greeking Out.” 


CRISPIN BOYER has written more than 15 books for National Geographic Kids, covering topics that young readers find fascinating, from bugs to boogers, ninjas to knights, and sharks to cyborgs. His debut middle-grade fiction series Zeus the Mighty combines Boyer’s ability to entertain with lively characters and educate with historical facts. He lives in Hawaii with his family.


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4 Responses to ZEUS THE MIGHTY — The Epic Escape From the Underworld

  1. This sounds a great series of books, I must watch out for it for my nieces and nephew!

  2. carolbaldwin says:

    What an imaginative and fun way to introduce Greek mythology! Thanks for introducing me to this series.

  3. This sounds like a fun rollick in mythology with animal characters — haven’t see that. It must be intended for younger readers. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love books that are centered around mythology, and I know kids do as well. This looks pretty cute. Thanks for the heads up.

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