MMGM Turns 12

Back in 2010 author Shannon Messenger realized YA books were getting most of the blogging space leaving Middle Grade as an afterthought. Marvelous Middle Grade Monday became the launching pad to give books for 8-13 year olds more exposure.

I took over the hosting duties in late 2017 and each Monday you can view what is being shared about middle grade books. A typical week is filled with reviews, giveaways, author and agent interviews, and even posts on writing for the middle grade audience. Basically, anything having to do with middle grade books.


It’s easy to join the lineup. All you have to do is email me the title of the book or feature and a link to your blog at gpcolo[at]gmail[dot]com

Make sure you put MMGM or Marvelous Middle Grade Monday in the subject line so it gets sorted accurately–and don’t forget to say what you’re featuring) You MUST email me your link by Sunday evening (11 PM Eastern Time) in order to be included in the list of links for the coming Monday.

*Please note: these posts are not a reflection of my own opinions on the books featured. Each blogger is responsible for their own MMGM content and I do not pre-screen reviews ahead of time, nor do I control what books they choose. I simply assemble the list based on the links that are emailed to me.

HAPPY 12th Birthday MMGM and many more!

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Climbing another mountain...always striving to reach the next peak in my life and career.
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7 Responses to MMGM Turns 12

  1. Happy 12th birthday, MMGM! Fantastic idea and thank you for keeping it going, Greg!

  2. msyingling says:

    Tweeted this. I’ve been trying to get more people to join. Hard to imagine that MMGM is now a 7th grader! It’s been a fun time. Thanks for including me even though I never e mail you!

  3. Donna says:


  4. Danielle Hammelef says:

    I absolutely love the Monday posts and learning about books. Twelve years and going strong! I wonder what the teen years will be like…

  5. carolbaldwin says:

    Happy Birthday MMGM and thanks for all you do and for allowing me in!

  6. petespringerauthor says:

    Thank you for your excellent site, Greg. I have discovered many great reads through your blog and for those who contribute to it on Monday.

  7. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    Happy Blog-birth. I look forward to reading your blog each week not always on a Monday, but close enough.

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