Not so long ago cell phones and the internet didn’t exist to fill a child’s spare time. Instead you got together with your best friend and wandered around the neighborhood looking for fun. The Crabgrass comic strip relives those moments with Miles and Kevin. Two boys with an unmistakable bond.

This past year the comic arrived at national syndication. You can see a sample of the 4 panel strip here.

But now there is also a book filled with the adventurous episodes of two buddies. Friendship books about two boys are somewhat rare in the MG world. This collection begins to fill that void.

Miles is the more cautious of the two, but match him up with Kevin and there is sure to be fireworks (or a firecracker in this story). There are also blow up swimming pools, Atomic Fireball candy, and challenging bike stunts.

The parents also provide comic moments and brief heartwarming scenes always lead to more adventures. Perfect for travel or to escape the present. Crabgrass Comic Adventures will for sure bring a smile or even a laugh to your day.


Tauhid Bondia is a cartoonist and illustrator from Kentucky. His comics began appearing on in 2019 and in newspapers in 2022 after being selected for distribution by Andrews McMeel. Crabgrass has also enjoyed a healthy following on various social media platforms and has been embraced by audiences of all ages.


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  1. carolbaldwin says:

    I bet there will be a lot of boy readers who will enjoy this book!

  2. I’ve never seen the strip. I will bet the kiddoes will love this. Thanks for telling me about it.

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