I’m more than pleased to be today’s tour stop for Piece By Piece with my featured review of this new title, but first a big thank you to Blue Slip Media (Instagram; Facebook) and Amazon Publishing (Instagram; Twitter) for including me in the lineup. A GIVEAWAY of the book is also offered with details below how to enter after my review.

Piece By Piece is the touching story of David Aguilar who was born without a forearm. His narrative takes you from birth to the present. David might as well have been sitting next to me telling his story as his words brought me closer to his life each step of the way. He often gets sidetracked and remembers a detail he should have included. A realistic and often humorous way to narrate his amazing accomplishments.

David has always loved LEGOS and they were the key to giving him the strength to be himself. He struggled with that first day of school when he couldn’t find a friend, later on a bully who treated him with disrespect, and the failures he had as a student. He also dealt with the pity people threw his way. But building his first model of the arm at age nine was the beginning of change for this young man.

David’s wonderful family (Mom. Dad, and a Sister) have been supportive since day one. His journey led him to create even better replacement arms and he has worked with both LEGO and NASA. You’ll have a good feeling after reading this book knowing that his story is the perfect prescription for so many who may be faced with a similar challenge.

David and his father are true heroes for having the courage to bring this story to the world.

The book is available in both Hardcover and Paperback and is best for ages 11 and up.


David Aguilar and his father, Ferran Aguilar, are from Andorra, in Europe. David was born missing part of one arm. At the age of nine, he designed his first prosthesis with LEGO bricks, and in high school he built the next generation, which he named the MK-1. David’s father encouraged him to make a video about his prosthesis and the huge role that LEGOs played in his life, and posted it on social media, where it went viral and changed both of their lives. In addition to telling his story in this book, David is also the protagonist of the Spanish documentary Mr. Hand Solo, which won the award for best documentary at the Boston Science Fiction Film festival. David is currently developing his own brand, Hand Solo, which will aim to benefit various organizations for the disabled and fight against the stigma of “diff-ability,” as he calls it. Follow David and Ferran on Twitter @Handsolooficial and @AguilarFerran. Instagram: @handsoloofficial

Lawrence Schimel is a bilingual author who writes in both Spanish and English, with more than one hundred books to his credit. He is also a prolific literary translator, into English and into Spanish. His translated books include Wanda Gág’s Millions of Cats; George Takei’s graphic novel They Called Us Enemy; and Some Days, written and illustrated by María Wernicke; among many others. He lives in Madrid, Spain. Follow him on Twitter @lawrenceschimel.


One lucky winner will receive a copy of Piece by Piece: How I Built My Life (No Instructions Required), courtesy of Amazon Crossing Kids (U.S. and Canada addresses). Leave a comment (or send me an email at gpcolo at gmail dot com to be entered and the Giveaway is open through October 27


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4 Responses to PIECE BY PIECE

  1. Sounds an inspiring story, thanks for sharing!

  2. Danielle Hammelef says:

    I enjoy reading inspirational stories like this of overcoming/solving a huge obstacle in one’s life.

  3. Legos — who would have thought. This is really shows how a very imaginative boy combined his love of legos with building his own arm. He certainly is inspiring to so many, including NASA and LEGO. Kids don’t see their limitations and they learn to adapt and be positive. Great share!

  4. Janet Smart says:

    I just saw a video on Facebook about a man who made an arm for himself with Legos. And it also showed him making one for a very young boy and how happy it made him. I don’t know if it was the same guy or not, but it probably was. Thanks for telling us about the book.

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