Animal lovers have a new friend with the second title in the ANIMAL RESCUE FRIENDS graphic novel series. FRIENDS FUR-EVER can be enjoyed without having read the first book.

The kids are starting a new school year and it’s time to sign up for clubs. They choose to create their own and give it a long name: Oakville Elementrary School’s Club for Animal Appreciation, Education, and Rehabilitation.

Everyone in the club is motivated to create impactful activities despite their faculty advisor, Mrs. Wen, not sharing in their love of animals. Together they grow and learn that animals can truly help people when they are given a chance.

The illustrations are colorful and bold while complementing the story in a perfect pairing. You’ll meet a cast of interesting animals like Truffles the piglet, a horse named Chestnut, and Cocoa the bunny to name a few. The 150 plus pages will keep you smiling and provide heartwarming moments. A great gift for the animal enthusiast in your home.


Jana Tropper, MS, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist at a midwestern public elementary school. When she’s not writing, she reads, plays video games, and serves as the director of Literacy for Reading with Pictures, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting comics in education. She lives with her husband, Josh, and their own two rescue dogs, Ripley and Newt.
Genevieve Kote is an illustrator from a small town in Quebec who now lives in Montreal. Her work has appeared in parenting and lifestyle magazines, kids’ magazines, newspapers, chapter books, educational manuals, and video games. She is the illustrator of According to Aggie—a comic that appears in every issue of American Girl magazine. She is inspired by vintage children’s books, Manga, animation, and screen-printing. She shares her studio with a sweet but tired-looking cat.
Axelle Lenoir is a French-Canadian comic book artist born in the tiny gap between Gen X and Millennials. She has published a dozen books in Canada and Europe, including Camp Spirit and What If We Were, her first English-language books. She’s currently working on a weird autobiography titled Secret Passages. Axelle’s writing style is a mix of humor, everyday life situations, fantasy, and comic strips.


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