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Middle Grade News

It’s been a busy month for me as I finish up final edits on four manuscripts. I won’t go into the messy details that got me into this way of writing because I have other news to share. The annual … Continue reading

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Editing the Final Draft

I’ve twisted, moved, and tweaked each plot point and every hole is filled. The story has been read and re-read by myself and trusted critique partners. So now how do I edit this beast? Of course I try to do … Continue reading

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Never Stop Learning the Craft

David Viscott: “In the end, the only people who fail are those who do not try.” I always urge students to be in charge of their own learning. “Seek answers to your own questions and continue to have growth every … Continue reading

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June Happenings

Where has almost half the year gone? The days seem to pass by without stopping. Hopefully it will slow down long enough for you to check out two great events coming up… I’ll be participating from 9 a.m., Friday June … Continue reading

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‘Bloom’ing Book Report

The dreaded book report is something we all have dealt with either as a teacher, parent, or student. It’s no wonder with some of these droll assignments:                                                  Summarize the plot of the book in three paragraphs.                                                           Describe your … Continue reading

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Harrison Demchick and Ambitious Enterprises

Earlier this month I won a contest through the wonderful blog PROJECT MAYHEM – The Maniac Minds of Middle Grade Writers. The prize was a review of a synopsis and the first few pages of my manuscript followed by a … Continue reading

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A Character Study

Here is a visual that can work wonders for authors in their writing and students in the classroom. It’s a classic Venn-Diagram. Drag it to your desktop. It’s all yours! For authors – I have written stories where by the … Continue reading

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Brain Fillers 1

As a former middle grade classroom teacher, I always had hundreds of resources to fill the time when we had 5 minutes left in an activity. I called them Brain Fillers. They also turned out to be good resources for … Continue reading

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Blog Award

Awards are great, especially when you get one. This blog has been honored by Middle Shelf Online Magazine as one of the best blogs for “for promoting and exemplifying the spirit of middle grade books.” Thank you! If you’d like … Continue reading

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Internet Irritants

Middle school kids today have grown up with the Internet and many find it funny that it hasn’t always been that way. A child born in 2002 would be 12 this year, and much of our technology applications were created … Continue reading

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