Quick Reads for the Reluctant Reader

I’ve worked with quite a few kids who would rather be dragged by a fast moving snowmobile with their teeth attached to a rope than actually read a book. When I hand them one of these word filled wonders they evaluate the situation very quickly:

  1. Thickness? (If the number of pages exceed the width of their index finger, then it has to be boring)
  2. How many pictures? (Equal to or more than a Wimpy Kid book, please)

I’m currently working with several of these type of readers who have not discovered the joys of reading despite frustrating attempts by parents and teachers. I have had some success tossing them a few short stories. The length is perfect for them and I often find these fiction or non-fiction stories will increase their interest in eventually reading something of greater length on the same topic.

Here are sites with free short stories for ages 9-12 that can be read online or printed out in 1-2 pages. Try a few to get your reluctant reader reading.

Highlights Magazine – Yes, you can subscribe to the magazine, but they also offer a selection of free stories. Motivating topics and short interesting tales.

North Carolina State University – A selection of fiction and nonfiction, most only one page. Selection for 3rd-5th grade. The link directs you to the PDF files for fifth grade. Comprehension questions are also included.

Polk Brothers Foundation Education Network – A good variety of one page fiction stories at a 2nd – 10th grade reading level.

Happy weekend! I’ve got a review of THE PET WAR coming in for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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1 Response to Quick Reads for the Reluctant Reader

  1. Pam Torres says:

    Hi Greg! Great reviews and content. I will look forward to your review of the Pet War.

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