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The Path to Publishing: Become Famous First

There are a growing number of actors, talk show hosts, and anyone else who has had more than the standard 15 minutes of fame showing up as authors on the children’s bookshelf. I would guess their path is a lot … Continue reading

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Critiquing Critique Groups

I’ve been a part of a 4-person critique group for several years. We meet once a month and react to one of our manuscripts. The feedback is always positive but also honest with pointed advice as to what would improve … Continue reading

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Putting Down a Book I was Supposed to Love

I’ve been reading fast and furious – not hours a day but whenever there are 15-20 minutes of spare time. My goal in 2014 was to read 24 MG titles. So far I’ve more than doubled that with the 50th … Continue reading

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Ten Endeavors That Helped Me Become and Stay a Writer

Friends I haven’t seen for a while will often ask me about my writing – their eyes showing disbelieve that I continue down this path that to them seems to have no reward. Never ending rewrites, no writing paychecks in … Continue reading

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Do Dads Get a Fair Look in MG Books?

Father’s Day is fast approaching and this Sunday it will be time to celebrate our dads. Happy Father’s Day! I’ve read a lot of middle grade books the past year where the dad is not portrayed in the best light. … Continue reading

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The Most Important Slush Pile of All

I taught creative writing (among other things) to 11-12 year old students for 20 years. I’d go home weekends with a pile of stories to read. The range of abilities was tremendous. Most could put a 1-3 page story together, … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Poetry

I had the opportunity the past week to talk with two classrooms – one filled with energetic 8-year-olds and the other with 28 5th and 6th graders. The topic was Becoming a Better Writer. People who make educational decisions should … Continue reading

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Writing Motivation

I frequently hear authors describe their feelings about the trials and tribulations of being a writer. It’s a hard task when perfection can rarely be achieved and the road to publication is a long one. Here’s help with a comeback … Continue reading

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Becoming a Writer

In 2010 while sitting in the Atlanta airport, I started my writing career. Did I know what I was doing? A little Was I starting a journey of discovery? For sure. The first discovery was that I was going to … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Time to Write

In my past I’ve written research articles and created curriculum units. I found that the energy to do technical type of writing could occur at any time of the day. If I had a few hours I could plunge right … Continue reading

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