TIME SQUARE – THE SHIFT for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

It’s a good day when you make a comment on an author’s web site and come away the winner of a contest. Yes, I snagged a copy of S.W. Lothian’s book and spent spring break enjoying a Kindle version. The story is a set-up for the series with TIME SQUARE – UFO available now and TIME SQUARE – 20957080TRIANGLE to be released in 2015.

S.W. Lothian has created an amazing world in this time travel adventure. Time Square is the place where time is kept and it’s a busy place with all sorts of surprises. The statues alone are enough to convince you this is no ordinary place. On the human side there are Lewis and Eva, very engaging youngsters who follow there dad into this unique place. As the plot thickens and races to Book #2, they will be center stage even more.

You’ll be left hanging at the end but that’s intentional. The mark of a great series is that you want to read on – and you certainly will in this case.


FULL PLOT (From Amazon):  There’s more to time than ticks and tocks.

Imagine this. Your dad is a part-time archaeologist who has a tendency to discover things. One day, he comes home from an expedition with a crusty old relic, and dumps it in the basement. You’d probably think everything would be fine and dandy, but that’s where you’re wrong. Because that’s precisely when all the trouble started.

It’s 1930, and Lewis and Eva Hudson are a couple of twin teens with just such a dad. Then, on a chilly wintry day in Washington D.C., the three of them mysteriously disappear into thin air, without a trace. Throw in a weird and mysterious rival with a point to prove, add a looming disaster that threatens to break time itself, and pretty soon they’re smack bang in the front seat of a roller-coaster to doomsville.

  1. The secondary characters leave you with more than one chuckle. Betty Pocker, Horrie Houston, James Blonde, and Ludwig Von Messalot to name a few.
  2. Eva and Lewis are paired with more experienced time travelers, Max Wells and Razer Sharpe. This team known as ELMR will be fun to follow as they embark on their first mission together in 1947 Roswell, New Mexico in the previously mentioned sequel TIME SQUARE – UFO.
  3. The cover is a brightly colored clue as to what lies ahead for readers– suspense, humor, and craziness.
  4. The writing is crisp with just the right balance of action and description. Certainly a necessity with so much to be revealed both in 1930 Washington D.C. and in the magical Time Square.
  5. The front dedication will bring a tear and a smile to anyone reading. You can check it out on the author’s website.

FAVORITE LINES: (There are many including this one from a ‘P word’ loving secondary character) “Mr. Tingleton, it’s Penelope Poppins your personal page. Mr. Hootsnap and a party of people have popped in to appraise you of preparation and plans for the portal placement project.”

QUOTE FROM AUTHOR: “I am a huge fan of books that are full of magical settings (like Harry Potter), action and adventure.  I love reading and writing this genre, as I’m not one who loves to watch or read needless violence and murders, etc.  When I write, it’s for my kids. I try to excite, inspire, and teach them the importance of respect and teamwork.  My books are full of awesome edge-of-your-seat action and adventure which is scattered with plenty of humor and fun.  I also hope to help adults remember the dreams of their own childhood.” SOURCE


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10 Responses to TIME SQUARE – THE SHIFT for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

  1. Sounds like a really fun time travel story. Glad you won it so you could share it with the rest of us.

  2. Andrea says:

    I discover so many fun books through Marvelous Middle Grade Monday! I bet this will be popular with kids!

  3. Thank you so much, Greg, for taking the journey to Time Square. I’m glad you enjoyed the read and had a few laughs in between the action along the way. I’m honored that you shared your thoughts. Cheers.

  4. Joanne Fritz says:

    Haven’t heard of this one, so thanks for the heads-up. Sounds very imaginative.

  5. I like time travel if it is well done. I know tweens will find this one a thrilling read. Excellent review!

  6. Cindy Tran says:

    I love time travel and this book sounds AWESOME! I’m sold for this one. 🙂 Oh, yeah, and nice job with the review!

  7. This sounds like a lot of fun. I love the quote. Thanks for this review. I’ll check it out.

  8. Love time travel–and this one sounds great!

    And yes, hard not to get through the dedication without a tear in one’s eye.

  9. warrchick says:

    This sounds so fun! You had me with those hilarious names for secondary characters. I’m adding this one to my list, and giving it a bump up to the top!

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