CAPTAINROSALIE.jpgThis sweet but sad tale is set during World War I. In just 60 pages, you learn how Rosalie is dealing with her father’s absence. He’s a soldier away on duty. She sits in back of the classroom and plans her own mission. Meanwhile, her mother works long hours to support the war efforts. The consequences are great for both of them.

Told in first person through Rosalie’s eyes, the text is frequently broken up with charming illustrations that give deeper meaning to the story. Read it to yourself or as a read aloud. The tale brings understanding to those who have never had a loved one fighting for a cause in a far away place.

Captain Rosalie is a beautiful effort and a book you will want to share.


While her father is at war, five-year-old Rosalie is a captain on her own secret mission. She wears the disguise of a little girl and tracks her progress in a secret notebook. Some evenings, Rosalie’s mother reads aloud Father’s letters from the front lines, so that Rosalie knows he is thinking of her and looking forward to the end of the war and to finally coming home. But one day a letter comes that her mother doesn’t read to her, and Rosalie knows her mission must soon come to an end. Author Timothée de Fombelle reveals the true consequence of war through the experiences of small, determined Rosalie, while acclaimed artist Isabelle Arsenault illustrates Rosalie’s story in muted grays marked with soft spots of color — the orange flame of Rosalie’s hair, the pale pink of a scarf, the deep blue ink of her father’s letters. All the more captivating for the simplicity with which it is drawn and told, this quiet tale will stay with the reader long after its last page is turned.


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3 Responses to CAPTAIN ROSALIE

  1. Will have to check this book out! The story sounds like a heart breaker. I love the cover as it engages the reader immediately.

  2. Denise Vega says:

    I will have to order a copy. My great grandfather was in a similar situation as his father went off to war. Thanks for the review.

  3. I would have bought this one on the cover alone. It is charming. Thanks for telling me about it.

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